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Terms of Copyright Release


Effective July 18, 2007, the American Academy of Manual Medicine grants the following release of intellectual properties.  This release pertains exclusively to the intellectual properties branded with the copyright information from the American Academy of Manual Medicine, and in no way conveys right of usage of any other copyrighted material displayed on 

American Academy of Manual Medicine grants to any educational or health care provider the right to photocopy and distribute, without limitation on amount, for the purposes of promoting education of students and patients as long as the photocopied replications are intended to be a supplement to the core education of the students and/or supplements patient education.

Should more than five percent (5%) of the educational offering be comprised of information derived from the American Academy of Manual Medicine or, written consent must be obtained.

Electronic duplication, representation, or transmission is strictly prohibited, as it pertains to for-profit ventures, such as research and continuing education, without the express written consent of the American Academy of Manual Medicine and

If an individual or organization chooses to utilize the materials held under AAofMM copyright, they may not electronically manipulate, create, or delete any of the reference material or copyright information.

The American Academy of Manual Medicine accepts no liability for the employment, utilization, or representation as it pertains to the incorporation of elements of this educational offering, as it is exhibited in other offerings.

For profit enterprises may utilize this material only after declaring their intent and receiving expressed written consent from the American Academy of Manual Medicine and

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