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    The minimum standards of performance, professional ethics and treatment techniques are determined by the respective accrediting and governmental agencies, as it pertains, to the providerís scope of practice. Diplomate credentialing should not be considered analogous or equal to national or state certification, registration or licensing. It does, however demonstrate, on behalf of those who hold such credentials, a given expertise in the area of manual medicine.  And therefore, it should reflect the highest standards germane to a profession. is a public site, the American Academy of Manual Medicine. is a credentialing organization, which provides educational offerings on, in addition to working  individually with the  Diplomates to fulfill there professional needs. The standards of this association, are exclusively derived by the individual achievements of accepted diplomates .  Not all exemplary practitioners obtain independent diplomate credentialing however, all practitioners who are awarded a Diplomate with this association are exemplary. Every year, the standards for acquiring the Diplomate of Manual Medicine from the AAofMM will elevate to incorporate the standards established by the previous years practitioners professional achievements and years in practice.

Diplomate Selection


The AAofMM selects professionals within the field of manual medicine based upon their professional and personal contributions to the profession.  Currently there is a one time fee for the screening process.  All providers regardless of their scope of practice and or institutions will be independently evaluated as it pertains to their multi-disciplined contributions and professional accomplishments.  Should a provider or institution be rejected their payment will be returned minus a 5% processing fee in addition to an explanation as to why their acknowledgement of diplomate recognition was not suitable for the present time. Diplomate acknowledgement by the AAofMM maintains its prestigious standings exclusively through those providers and organizations which have been accepted. To protect the sanctity of the acknowledged diplomates and the integrity of the AAofMM an acknowledged diplomate who has been confirmed to have engaged  in unethical conduct, plagiarism or cessation of continued professional endeavor forfeits further acknowledgement or any privileges pursuant to that entitlement. The  AAofMM currently acknowledges Diplomates as a result of it's independent research or pursuant to a providers request in either case the evaluation of credentials and contributions to the profession are the same. And while the scope and venue of practice may differ the standards will perpetually escalate.         


Provider Request for Acknowledgement   $1200.00


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